Del. 14. Wiccan. Lesbian.
I'm a weirdo that likes hipster glasses and cute things.
I'm not bothered by many things.
I was born on May 8th, 1997.


I think it’s very telling about our society when everyone gets so upset over Casey Anthony murdering Caylee, but when the mother of a child with autism kills her kid, people simply shrug it off and say that it’s too hard to raise children with autism, or that there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so why bother getting mad?


Not that what Casey did wasn’t bad, because it absolutely was, but seriously, double standards much?  What makes Casey’s crime worse than the other mothers who kill their children?

sometimes, i wonder why people even try to befriend me. all i am is a screw-up who complains about her life even if i get pissed off when i hear people complain about their lives. all i’ve ever wanted was a friend who i could tell anything to, a friend who wouldn’t think i was annoying, and a friend who would comfort me when i cried. whenever a new person would act like a friend to me i’d jump at the chance, thinking that i’d finally find that one person who wouldn’t be like everyone else. guess what? it’s never changed. it seems that everyone i become friends with, i get too paranoid about and end up ruining it all.

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